The Island Is Now Open!

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The Island Is Now Open!

Welcome to the new!

Just a couple of notices:

We are using a new hosting service that is, unfortunately, not as powerful as the one we used to have. You'll probably need to take it easy on the amount of refreshing and F5ing, or else this site may crash. I'm hoping that won't happen, especially with how insane it gets once the game starts, but it is possible.
If the site goes down, all you can do is be patient. It should come back up on its own eventually, but hitting refresh 77 million times will not help. Go find a video of a cat or something, watch it, then come back and try to refresh - ONCE.
I say this now only as a warning: Site crashes will probably happen, so no one freak out. Thanks!

That said, the discussion area of this forum is open. Please feel free to use in the same way our old sites were used. You are free to create threads and start conversations here as you please. Have fun!

As stated on the Facebook page:
Keep in mind the forum itself is still being built, so each time you go back, you may see something new, or something not working right. Please let us know of any difficulties you might have, and we'll get our trained monkeys right on it just as soon as possible.

Also, yes, we know the post counters aren't working. That's intentional, as the main point of the site is to host the game, and post counts are not part of the competition.

You'll be hearing from the game administrator in due time.

Thanks again, and enjoy your stay on The Island.
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Re: The Island Is Now Open!

I kneel to the island's powers. Thank you for stating this up again.
"That was how Jacob ran things. Maybe there's another way, a better way."

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